New research office at your service

New research office at your service

Calvary Mater Newcastle now has its own research office.

The new office is one of several exciting initiatives that will help Calvary Mater Newcastle achieve its vision of becoming a leader in translational research that will directly benefit patients and improve healthcare for the community.

It will also help streamline procedures and provide valuable support for new and existing researchers across the hospital.

Research governance has previously been facilitated through the Local Health District, Director of Medical Services Dr Maryann Ferreux said.

“Research has grown so much at Calvary Mater Newcastle that we needed our own Research Governance Officer to meet our needs, better support our researchers, build further capacity and growth, and help provide a consistent approach to research across the various areas of the hospital,” she said.

Melissa Gavenlock is the new Research Governance Officer, and Kirsty Sanderson is continuing in her research support role.

Part of Melissa’s role will be to help researchers meet all of their governance requirements right from the start, whether they are new or existing researchers, and keep them informed of what funding and grant opportunities are available to them.

Kirsty will continue to provide support to the hospital’s key research committees, including the Translational Research Advisory Committee, the Research Development and Engagement Committee, and the Clinical Trials Committee.

Calvary Mater Newcastle employs researchers in a broad range of areas to enable clinical trials, biomedical research, applied health services research and population health studies; and is a leader in medical oncology, haematology, radiation oncology, clinical toxicology, psychiatry and palliative care research.

Ensuring governance arrangements that promote accountability and responsibility and meet standards, supporting and developing research capacity at Calvary Mater Newcastle, and encouraging new researchers are part of the hospital’s Translational Research Strategic Plan.

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