2020 – Robotic Surgery a firm favorite for more than 100 patients

“Robotic surgery has given my patients access to minimally invasive surgery without having to travel to Melbourne for surgery, says Mr Anthony Eaton, Urologist at Calvary Lenah Valley Hospital .

“With the use of the da Vinci robot, our patients recover much faster from their surgery with a decreased length of stay, less post-operative pain and significantly less time with a catheter.”

Since the introduction of the state of the art da Vinci Surgical Operating System 12 months ago, Calvary Lenah Valley Hospital’s surgeons have conducted more than 100 robotic procedures including urology (robotic-assisted prostatectomy and partial nephrectomy) and gynaecology (Robotic assisted surgery for resection of endometriosis
and fibroids for fertility and pain).

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