We offer a range of amenities at Calvary John James Hospital including:

Calvary John James Hospital has been designed so that everyone can easily access our facilities, using inclined walkways and ramps throughout. All levels of our hospital are accessible by lifts.

We have clear, straightforward signage throughout the hospital to make it easier to find your way around. The signage uses contrasting colours to help people with impaired vision.

Wheelchairs are available for use while at the hospital. If you need a wheelchair, you can get one by talking to the Ward Manager or asking a Nurse.

The C.A.R.E channel is designed to help you rest and heal. The beautiful images of nature and instrumental music are designed to provide a healing environment. The service is available 24 hours a day.

Channel 11 or 911.

We provide all patients with free – to – air television and 4 Foxtel channels.

Zouki Café

The café is situated near the main entrance and offers a range of delicious snacks and meals, and pastries as well as a selection of beverages.

Near entrance of Calvary John James Hospital

Monday to Friday, 7am – 5pm

At Calvary John James, the chapel is located in the front foyer adjacent to the main entrance and reception desk. It is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and is a quiet space for prayer and reflection, open to anyone who wishes to have some time out.

Catholic mass is celebrated on a fortnightly basis. Check the noticeboard outside the chapel for mass times and dates.

Pastoral Care services are provided by trained pastoral care staff, working in conjunction with the interdisciplinary team of the hospital.

Chaplaincy services are provided on a ‘call-in’ basis for all major religious and faith traditions. For Pastoral Care services please see nursing staff or contact Pastoral Care directly on 02 6281 8160 or 02 6281 2144.

To be visited by a specific denominational chaplain contact Pastoral Care on 02 6281 8160 or 02 6281 2144.

Hand and Foot massage volunteers attend the hospital regularly to provide support and comfort to patients. The massages are freely given and very popular with the patients, adding to the holistic care offered at Calvary John James Hospital.

Please ask a Nurse or a Ward Manager for more information.

It is recognised that the warmth of the water in hydrotherapy treatment relieves pain, reduces muscle spasm and induces relaxation, allowing a greater range of movement and enhanced rehabilitation.

Patients require medical clearance before using the pool. This is usually obtained as part of the assessment for this program.

At Calvary John James Hospital we offer the following prenatal and postnatal education and exercise classes:

  • Postnatal Physiotherapist/Dietitian Education Sessions
  • Physiotherapist-led Exercise Classes (6-weeks postnatal)
  • Mums and Bubs exercise classes
  • Birth and Parenting Classes
  • Anaesthetic Workshop

Maternity education classes

Each ward is supplied with copies of the Canberra Times newspaper daily. You may ask the nursing staff or ward clerk for access to a newspaper to read.

Other newspapers and magazines can be purchased Monday to Friday from the Lolly Trolley or at the Café.

At Calvary John James Hospital we offer compassionate emotional support and spiritual care for you, your family and friends. Our Pastoral Care Program acknowledges your beliefs, important relationships and all that is meaningful for you. It affirms your intrinsic value as a person.

Pastoral Care can help if you are:

  • Suffering anxiety or emotional distress
  • Experiencing a time of crisis
  • Feeling lonely or isolated
  • Grieving a loss
  • Making important decisions
  • Needing support with your religious/spiritual practice
  • Preparing for death

Pastoral care workers work alongside physicians, nurses, therapists and other staff to provide a complete approach to healing.

Pastoral Visitors visit regularly from Catholic, Anglican, Lutheran and Jehovah’s Witness denominations.

Your own Parish, Pastor, Rabbi or Spiritual caregiver can be contacted at your request.

Catholic Holy Communion is available Monday to Friday and Sunday as requested.

If you would like a visit from Pastoral Care please ask a staff member.

The onsite dispensing pharmacy at Calvary John James Hospital will provide discharged patients with a short supply of their prescribed medications. The pharmacy is not open to the general public.

The pharmacy is owned and operated by Epic Pharmacy.

You have a phone in your room; to make a call dial 0. Do not wait for a dial tone your required number. Please ask the ward receptionist if help is required.

A professional newborn baby photographer visits Maternity twice during the week to take professional photos of your baby.

Bookings are essential and can be made at Maternity reception once your baby is born.

Mail is delivered to your room each day.

Stamps can be purchased from the main reception. Outgoing mail may be given to our staff or left at reception for daily posting.

Calvary John James Hospital is surrounded by some beautiful garden areas which you may choose to enjoy during your stay.

Instructions for use are provided in your room and staff will be happy to assist you with any queries.

We have a new TV channel, 11 (911 on some wards) that is programmed to provide a Continuous Ambient Relaxation Environment (C.A.R.E.). The channel is an Australian first and is a therapeutic tool that reduces anxiety, alleviates pain, assists with sleep and restlessness and minimises the harmful effects of noise.

A vending machine is located inside the main hospital corridor across from the Garran Ward entrance.

Location of Vending Machine

For a list of visitor accommodation available near Calvary John James Hospital, please visit our accommodation page.


There are visitor lounges in all of the wards apart from the Intensive Care Unit.

Wi-Fi is currently available.