Home Optimisation

Home Optimisation is a program of work which centres around the customer journey, best practice resident welcome and workforce design to further improve our resident welcome experience.


Why ‘Home Optimisation’ has been initiated.

  • Occupancy is a challenge across the Aged Care industry since the Covid pandemic, however occupancy is also essential to the long-term sustainability of our organisation and our ability to act on our mission of ‘Being for others’.
  • Attracting and onboarding residents is a key enabler of our Calvary vision to be the health, community and aged care provider of choice.
  • The need for improving our occupancy led us to researching what customers and staff value during the ‘welcome’ journey and how these ‘moments that matter’ enable us to improve on our ability to execute our mission.
  • We’ve also gathered insights from staff about the challenges related to the ‘search and welcome’ processes and the flow on impacts on resident care.
  • The regulatory environment is changing, with a new funding model coming soon which requires us to have a further look at how we continue to meet the changing needs of our residents.
  • The integration of our organisation to become one bigger organisation, requires us to look at aligning best practices and roles and responsibilities.

Based on this, we are introducing changes to help us create alignment, clarity and focus on the right activities at the right time and this program of work is called ‘Home Optimisation’.

An increased focus on the customer is essential for improving our families and resident experience.


What is changing?

Customer focus

  • An increased focus on customer is essential for improving our customers’ welcome experience with us. It includes ensuring we deeply understand what is important to the loved-ones of, and potential residents as they search for and secure the Home and care they want and need for the last phase of their lives.
  • This includes consistency, compassion, and excellence at each step of the welcome experience across all our Homes.

Role alignment, clarity, and focus:

A number of roles have been identified as key to the success of this change and are therefore being aligned with a focus on the most important areas of responsibility for the customer’s Welcome journey, including:

  • Home Managers are ultimately responsible for occupancy in their home, and this includes the suitability of residents for the Home
  • Care Choice Advisors and Client Relationship Manager are responsible for driving community engagement and referral pathways. They will also ensure customer’s feel supported and guide them through the contracting process. These roles will have a new title of Customer and Contract Lead (CCL)
  • Admission and Admin staff are responsible for ensuring future residents and their loved ones feel welcome and confident (about their choice) as they tour and transition into their new home. These roles will have a new title of Customer Relations Officer (CRO) and Home Support Officer (HSO).

Process alignment, clarity, and focus:

  • Our processes need to be aligned across all our Homes to ensure we consistently execute our service based on best practice
  • This includes all steps from search, enquire, tour, pre-admission through to welcoming the resident into the Home as well as a strong focus on prioritising the excellence with which we deliver the ‘moments that matter’ to our customer.


This Q&A document is answering some of the questions you may have about these changes.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Customer Focus

There are no changes to roles within Calvary Assist or any of the Calvary Assist processes and services.

Project Jason is about ensuring our processes and contracts are compliant. For this reason, the compliance and audit function implemented by Project Jason, will remain in place. Over time, as the team and function are more established in the regions, this audit role will reduce and free up time for other important tasks.


A lot of people have been interviewed, including resident families, recruitment, and talent acquisition specialists and staff. These interviews concluded the need to change the role titles in line with the renewed focus on the customer and to ensure it represents the broad range of responsibilities.

This process will take some time to fully embed into our daily operations and to ensure we have the right resources and training to support the change. We are finishing the consultation period and finalising the details of role title changes in collaboration with Home Managers. We are also recruiting several new roles. Some regions will be able to move faster than others as they have the people in place, others may take a month or more to work through. Your General Manager will keep you up to date with change timing, until you are advised please continue to operate as you are now with regards to contracting and other processes.

The contracts or variation letters for impacted staff will be distributed from July as we complete consultation and consolidate the feedback.

We need to ensure that we have good processes as we collectively work with our customers. Good clear communication in handovers and ensuring the customers know why and where they are in the journey is critical. We will also have some measures to ensure we are able to meet our customer expectations.

ILUs will continue to be supported in the same way as they are today, either by the Home Support Officers (HSO) or ILUS Co-ordinators.

We will continue to keep home staff updated to ensure an ongoing level of knowledge in aged care administration. There will also be ongoing updates and support via Customer Contract Leads (CCLs) and Calvary Assist for the homes.

The home will discharge residents via Leecare and discharge information will be sent to Calvary Assist to update resident billing record in Epicor. This is the current process and there will be no change.

All staff in these impacted roles will receive training, there will be a support plan to ensure where there are changes to responsibilities that there is team support available and national support provided.

There has been an investment into the CCL team which means more resources to support our homes and customers. In all regions there are multiple CCLs and they will work as a team to support surges in activity, leave and other absences. Ensuring prompt response for customers is key and customers have told us that they are comfortable with virtual channels to do this.

Yes, staff will receive a written notice of variation to their contract with regards to the role title.

Yes absolutely, vacant and newly created Customer Contract Lead (CCL) roles will be advertised in the following weeks, and we welcome internal staff to apply. The clarity and focus created through the role alignment process will create opportunity for movement across small and large homes and through HSO, CRO and CCL roles.


Yes, all impacted staff will receive both briefing sessions and dedicated training on the newly aligned and focused processes. We’re currently looking at some external vendors to help provide some customer experience training as well as pulling together the optimised processes for training.

Tours will continue to be conducted by home staff and training will be given to apply best practice and consistency across all homes. More information on this will follow soon.

We will be implementing some measures to monitor continuous improvement with the Home Optimisation program. When we have identified these, we will share them with you and discuss how each person in their role can positively contribute to each of the measures.

I have more questions, where can I go to find out more?

There are various ways to find more information:

Integration Microsite: Refer to the Integration Microsite for all information and latest updates in relation to Payroll Integration by clicking on the dark blue ‘Payroll Integration’ box under ‘Integration Progress’.

Contact us: If you have any questions or concerns, please direct them to Home Manager / General Manager

We appreciate change isn’t easy and you’re experiencing a lot of change right now when you’re already working very hard. Please reach out to your manager or to the Integration team for support and more information. Also explore this section on the Integration Microsite with practical insights and tips on how to better cope with change.

We want you to feel supported and raise your concerns and make this change as seamless as possible for everyone involved.