Elsa Dato | Support Worker, Calvary Community Care

I’ve worked in aged care for 22 years – all of this time with Calvary.

Initially, I was looking at a centre-based job but then was invited to an interview at community care that was located on the same site.

This seemed to be the perfect job for me. I love that through the support that we provide, people are able to remain safely in their own home as per their preference.  My clients repeatedly tell me how happy they are to be staying at home for longer and keeping their independence. It is a privilege to provide companionship for my clients and to listen to their stories, especially those who are lonely or isolated and who have no families.

There is one client who particularly stands out for me.  Linda was only the second client I was sent to when I started working with community care.  I cared for her for 22 years until she died recently. Initially, she only required a little domestic assistance, however as she aged and became ill the number and variety of services increased.  When she became ill, she was sick for a long time. She was a very strong person and I admired her will to keep living.

During the many years, we knew each other, she frequently expressed her gratitude that I would listen to her story and she liked to listen to mine.  I consider it a privilege to have known such an inspirational, strong woman.