Sam Rajakaruna | Catering Manager, Calvary Ryde Retirement Community

What is your name? Sam (Sumedha) Rajakaruna

What service/facility do you work with? Calvary Ryde Retirement Community

What is your role? Catering Manager

How long have you been working in aged care? 15 Years

What made you choose aged care as a career? Was there anything (or anyone) in particular that led you to a career in aged care, or did you kind of “fall into it” – Inspired by my grandparents, who I look after.

What do you love about your job/working in aged care? – Every day is a new day with residents. I like to listen to their stories and their past. When I cook I am getting feedback and compliments that make my day.

What inspires you every day? Talking to residents and seeing the smiles on their faces.

Have you been inspired by one of your clients/residents? Who and why?

Resident past Mrs. Annette Flower – she would talk to me about why she loves food and always encouraged me to find new things for the menu. She would talk about the dishes she made at home, provide valuable feedback, and compliments. She had a wealth of knowledge and love to share. She wanted to give that to the next generation.