Rebekah Cooper | Support Worker, Calvary Community Care

Hello, my name is Rebekah.

I have been working in aged care since 2018 as an aged care support worker. I work for Calvary Community Care and my role as a support worker involves assisting aged clients with different tasks in their homes such as cleaning, cooking, dog walks and showering.

Growing up, my parents were always involved in aged care and disability coordination. I volunteered with people with disabilities through high school and after finishing school, I felt passionate about working in the community to support and assist our ageing population.

It has been a wonderful experience working in aged care. My job sends me to many different, beautiful places, and I am always meeting new and interesting people.

I commend the resilience of all my clients as they face each new day with a positive attitude and, with assistance where necessary, clients maintain their independence and hobbies.