Luke Danning | Roster Coordinator, Calvary St Joseph’s Retirement Communities

What is your name?
Luke Danning

What service/facility do you work with?
Calvary St Joseph’s Retirement Communities

How long have you been working in aged care?
I have worked in age care for 5years now. Started here doing my work certificate 3 in aged care, then got offered a position. I was on permanent night work for around 2 years then applied for the position as roster coordinator and have been doing that nearly 2years.

What made you choose aged care as a career? Was there anything (or anyone) in particular that led you to a career in aged care, or did you kind of “fall into it”
I chose aged care as a career as I like human interaction, and going home at the end of the day having a feeling of accomplishment and knowing you put a smile on someone face.

What do you love about your job/working in aged care?
What I like about my job is being recognised and appreciated for the work I do. I have been involved in many programs of improvement and also offered assistance to other sites to get them up skilled and various Kronos projects.

Have you been inspired by one of your clients/residents? Who and why?
I have a fond memory of a resident when I was working on the floor, who said to me one day “don’t ever stop travelling they are the best memories I have now in my life, my beautiful home and everything I worked towards is gone but my memories of the world are not”. It is something that is ‘concreted’ into me and I tell so many friends and family, how much it inspired me.


Luke Is pictured with Milo, the much loved  St Joseph’s Retirement Community’s Pet Therapy dog.