Cathy Chu, personal care worker, Calvary Flora McDonald Retirement Community, Cowandilla, South Australia

This is my second year working in aged care, although I had done a lot of volunteer work in aged care in my hometown before I moved to Australia. In my first year with Calvary I was working in hospitality. This year I am working as a personal care worker.

Working in aged care has taught me so much and makes me enjoy my work every day. I have learned to stay humble and not taking things for granted. I think the most important thing I have learned is that if we want to do things well then there is no other way, it only can be done by lots of love and respect.

We love, because God is love. I love all the residents with all my heart. I see them as my parents, my grandparents.

Working closely with the residents every day makes me happy and satisfied. When they are happy, I am happy. When they are sad and in pain, I am sad too.It has been an incredible and amazing journey in my life. I think working as a personal care worker is the most meaningful and amazing job in the world.