2022 National Mary Potter Award

Our people are Calvary’s strength and each year we seek to acknowledge and celebrate those employees and volunteers, who exemplify the Spirit of Calvary in their role.

Mary Potter Award recipients are people, individuals and/or teams, who demonstrate sustained excellence and exceptional commitment to living Calvary’s mission through their expression of the values of Hospitality, Healing, Stewardship and Respect in the service of others.

In 2022, all staff across Calvary were invited to nominate colleagues, whom they felt demonstrated exceptional behaviours, for a Mary Potter Award. A new electronic system facilitated this process and well over one hundred nominations were received.

Local Awards were presented during the Mary Potter Celebrations held in November, after which the ACT, NSW/QLD, VIC/TAS and SA/NT regions and the national corporate office distilled their successful nominations and put forward representatives to be considered for the National Award.

A Mary Potter Award Panel, with representation from national executives and senior leadership, considered the national nominations. They recommended 17 finalists to the National Executive Leadership Team who endorsed these and confirmed the Recipients of the 2022 Individual and Team National Mary Potter Awards.

The National Mary Potter Award is presented annually to the person and/or team who demonstrates sustained excellence and exceptional commitment to exemplifying the Spirit of Calvary in the way the values of Hospitality, Healing, Stewardship and Respect are lived and expressed in the service of ‘being for others’.

The Mary Potter Award acknowledges the expression of the Calvary Values* and Mission in ‘being for others’ by demonstrating all of the following criteria.

  • Consistently places the client/resident/patient experience at the centre of care;
  • Makes a difference in their workplace by inspiring others and connecting to people through their work, with humility and integrity;
  • Demonstrates outstanding achievement and/or significant improvement in their work;
  • Makes a positive contribution as an effective and collaborative team member or team; and
  • Demonstrates sustained, exceptional commitment over time (not a single event), exemplifying the Spirit of Calvary in all that they do.

Our values are displayed daily through the care and support of our patients, residents and clients; our working relationships with colleagues; and the way we make a difference to the lives of those entrusted to our care. The National Mary Potter Award recognises employees (i.e. individuals, teams) and volunteers who, through their exemplary behaviours and commitment, bring our values to life in our community, hospitals, residential & aged care services, and our virtual care service offerings

  • Hospitality demonstrates our response to the desire to be welcomed, to feel wanted and to belong. It is our responsibility to extend hospitality to all who come into contact with our Services by promoting connectedness, listening and responding openly.
  • Healing demonstrates our desire to respond to the whole person by caring for their spiritual, psychological and physical wellbeing. It is our responsibility to value and consider the whole person, and to promote healing through reconnecting, reconciling and building relationships.
  • Stewardship recognises that as individuals and as a community all we have has been given to us as a gift.  It is our responsibility to manage these precious resources effectively now and for the future. We are responsible for striving for excellence, developing personal talents, material possessions, our environments and handing on the tradition of the Sisters of the Little Company of Mary.
  • Respect recognises the value and dignity of every person who is associated with our Services. It is our responsibility to care for all with whom we come into contact with justice and compassion no matter what the circumstances, and we are prepared to stand up for what we believe and challenge behaviour that is contrary to our values.

Congratulations to the 2022 National Mary Potter Award Recipients

The Recipients of the 2022 National Mary Potter Award, along with their fellow finalists, are acknowledged in the 2022 National Mary Potter Award booklet.


2022 National Mary Potter Award Finalists

See below all the individual and team finalists for the 2022 National Mary Potter Award. These finalists and their stories represent the selflessness of many in our employ, who go above and beyond in ‘being for others’ and are exemplars of the Spirit of Calvary.

Venerable Mary Potter reminded us, “We have a power within us of doing good, of living our lives for God and the good of those around us.”

Congratulations to each of our finalists.