Preparing for treatment

If you or a loved one is faced with a cancer diagnosis, it can be a very challenging time. You are likely to have many questions, but rest assured the cancer centre team will be able to guide you with care and expertise.

What do you need?

We suggest purchasing a thermometer, as keeping an eye on your temperature at home is important when undergoing any treatment for cancer.

Light, comfortable clothing is recommend. We have blankets available to keep you warm (or you can bring your own), as these are easier than jackets to put on and take off when you a cannula in your hand attached to a drip.

Family members (including children) and friends are welcome to sit with you during your treatment. Some treatments take longer than others, so we encourage you to speak with your specialist who will be able to advise on your personal situation.

Car parking and transport

There is free car parking available on-site, and public transport is also available with an Adelaide metro bus stop (53A) at the hospital entrance.

For patients travelling from the Barossa or Mid-North, there are shuttle services available between the hospital and your home.

For patients who have to travel for more than 100kms, there is the Patient Assistance Transport Scheme (PATS)

PATS is a scheme which provides subsidies towards the cost of travel and accommodation when rural and remote South Australians have to travel to see their nearest medical specialist.

Find out more information about PATS



Pastoral care
A cancer diagnosis can be a very difficult time, both physically and emotionally. We have pastoral care and social workers available for a chat before your treatment commences, as well as during, and afterwards.

The Cancer Council offers many useful resources, including ‘What to expect’ info sheets for a variety of cancers.