Patient story – Sam

November 2021, the month and year that changed my life forever. I will never forget the call I received from my GP on a Friday afternoon to tell me that I had breast cancer, at 36 this is the last call I ever expected to receive. I immediately went into action mode – it was 100% the shock taking over my body. The worst part about being told on a Friday afternoon at 4.30pm is that you have no support and no one to talk to over the weekend, you just sit in limbo. I knew I would be expecting a call on the Monday to tell me next steps, when the phone rang at 8am and it was a lovely warm voice that put me at ease and told me that she would do everything she could to help me get into the tests quickly and see the doctor – I felt extremely grateful. The moment I walked in for that first test at Calvary Central Districts, Jo was there with the warmest and loveliest smile, the one that makes you feel like you’re being hugged. Jo went over and above for us, and the team spent time with my husband and answered any questions he might have too.

Then the news came – I would need chemotherapy, radiation and surgery but it was all going to be ok.

My journey has been different to most, I had an allergic reaction to chemotherapy on the first dose and my heart wasn’t at all happy. My oncologist and the Calvary team worked to ensure I had the best care and was sent to surgery immediately.

Unfortunately like many others, COVID impacted my healing journey. To date I have had two surgeries and again thanks to the team at Calvary who moved me to different surgeons due to COVID and reschedule me three times. I have had five rounds of chemotherapy (had to stop due to allergic reactions), started radiation, was in remission and then back out of remission within three months…. Every time I needed help post surgery, a reference of who to speak to about my prosthesis, or someone to be there and guide me, the team at Calvary have consistently been great for me.

As a private patient I would 100% make the same decision again to come to Calvary, and I’m still in contact with Jo and Jasmin today. This is an incredible team who fill you with love, support and hope. Community is what you need when you are faced with a challenge like cancer, and this team is wearing their hearts for their community!

I wish I was writing this now saying that I’m in remission, however this journey is still continuing for me.

My husband and I cannot thank the Calvary Central Districts team enough!


Please note: The Northern Breast Centre at Calvary Central Districts is part of the Calvary SA Breast and Endocrine Service, which also incorporates the Breast and Endocrine Centre at Calvary North Adelaide