Patient story – Julie

When I was diagnosed with breast cancer six years ago, I was incredibly fortunate to be in the care of Bev Fosh* and Amy Jeeves. They provided me with the appropriate information and facts regarding my impending surgery immediately, including a timeline of vital aspects and moments moving forward. Sadly my older sister was diagnosed with a similar illness, and she was fortunate enough to receive the same care, compassion and expertise as I did thanks to Bev and Amy.

The care I received at Calvary North Adelaide, before, during and after my surgery was incredible. Every staff member I encountered possessed an empathy, knowledge and kindness critical not only for me but for my husband and two sons. It allowed us all to navigate positively through this challenging time.

The positive and impeccable care we received during my initial and consequent surgeries, inspired me to return to study nursing. I am now privileged to work at Calvary North Adelaide and can give back some of the amazing care I was fortunate to receive.


*A/Prof Beverly Fosh