Clinical trials

Our Research and Cancer Clinical Trials Unit provides eligible patients with access to emerging cancer treatments via a rigorously supervised research and trials program.

Current trials include:

  • Melanoma
  • Triple negative Breast Cancer
  • Non Small Cell Lung Cancer
  • Oral Chemotherapy SMS Reminder Program

Referring doctors and patients can contact Julie Rowe (Research Coordinator) at [email protected] or the Oncology clinic on 08 8380 1300.


Clinical Trial Safety

Clinical Trials are conducted in accordance with international safety standards as defined by the International Conference on Harmonisation- Good Clinical Practice (ICH –GCP). These guidelines advocate for the safety of clinical trial participants, the efficacy of a trial protocol, and the collection of quality of data in the clinical trial setting.

All trials are reviewed by the Calvary Human Resource Ethics Committee (HREC) and must be approved by HREC prior to patient participation.


Have questions?

These links will give you some guidance on clinical trial participation and things to ask your treating doctor.

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