Calvary Connery Centre

On Tuesday, 4 June our Oncology services moved to a new home, the Calvary Connery Centre – Day Oncology and Consulting Suites. 

This is located on Level 1 of the medical centre building at 46 John Rice Ave, Elizabeth Vale. While this will be a different location, you can expect the same high level care, provided by the same experienced nursing and specialist staff.

Clinpath Pathology, Radiology SA, and GenesisCare will also open services in the building over the coming months.


Rest assured, we can expertly support and care for you.

We provide a comprehensive range of cancer services in our cancer centre, with senior specialists in research, diagnostics, treatment and palliative care.

Cancer services

At the cancer centre, you have access to advanced cancer treatment technology, including;

We have specialist surgeons who operate across a range of cancers, including:

  • Breast/Endocrine Surgery
  • Ear, Nose & Throat Surgery
  • Endoscopy/Colonoscopy
  • Gastroenterology
  • Gynaecology
  • Ophthalmology
  • Oral & Maxillary Surgery
  • Orthopaedic Surgery
  • Upper GI Surgery
  • Urology

Find a specialist

Our state-of-the-art $4.75million Connery Centre has 18 day oncology chairs,  and three treatment rooms specifically designed and equipped to deliver chemotherapy, day haematology and other oncology treatments, which can be used for patients requiring isolation and treatment concurrently.

There is also a clinical trials unit directly supported with treatment rooms and consulting suites, a centralised nursing station, and ten consulting rooms.

Chemotherapy and other medical treatments vary from cancer to cancer and patient to patient, so your treatment will be personalised by your oncologist to best suit your needs. Treatment times also vary from 1/2 hour to several hours.

Cold cap therapy is also available. Designed to reduce hair loss while patients are undergoing chemotherapy treatment, cold cap therapy can be tailored to meet the needs of individual patients, taking into account their health, hair type, drug type and treatment levels.

Treating cancers such as leukemia, lymphoma, and multiple myeloma, our Haematologist is available to guide you through your treatment options.

Specialised Radiation Oncologists are onsite, providing best practice treatments and advanced techniques.

South Australia’s first and only private cancer genetics clinic is located at Calvary Central Districts Hospital. The Clinic provides assessment of inherited risk, genetic counselling and, if appropriate, genetic testing as well as personalised screening advice and cancer risk management.

Restore program

Massage is offered to patients in the chemotherapy suite, three times a week.

One-day workshops are held by Adelaide Oncology and Haematology throughout the year, covering supportive care services and topics that our patients have highlighted as being vital to managing their disease, treatment, recovery and life with cancer.

The workshops ensure patients and their family access to accurate and appropriate information on the following topics:

  • Psychological Care: Psychology, Relaxation & Meditation, Spirituality
  • Physical Care; Nutrition and Cancer, Importance of exercise, Restorative therapies – massage, reflexology, acupuncture
  • Practical Information; Financial and Estate planning, Navigating Centrelink, Community Resources

In addition, the workshops allow patients an informal opportunity to share their experiences with others over coffee/tea or lunch.

Counselling/social work

Appointments can be made by speaking with your treating specialist or nursing staff.


Calvary Rehabilitation Hospital at Walkerville offers a variety of oncology reconditioning programs. Recent research on exercise during cancer treatment suggests that physical activity can help to reduce the severity of some treatment side effects including fatigue, anaemia (low red blood cell count), increased body weight and muscle mass deterioration. There is also emerging evidence that exercise during your chemotherapy treatment can assist with chemotherapy completion rates and potentially improve outcomes in regards to the likelihood of cancer returning.

Calvary Rehabilitation Hospital also offers two Oncology Reconditioning programs;

  1. The Breast Cancer Rehabilitation Program is designed to rehabilitate women overcoming breast cancer. The sessions are conducted by a team of health professionals including occupational therapy, nursing, physiotherapy, medical dietetics, psychology and pharmacy. It is a 9 week program.
  2. The Reconditioning Oncology Program is an exercise, behavioural change , social support and medication It is an 8 week program.

Referral to Calvary Rehabilitation Hospital is by General Practitioner, specialists, health care providers or other hospitals between 8am and 5pm. Our physiotherapist will co-ordinate patients’ programs and help with setting achievable goals.

The Mary Potter Northern Supportive Care Unit provides care for patients with progressive, active, life-limiting disease. Supportive care encompasses physical, social, psychological and spiritual care for patients and their family. It aims at minimising the impact of the progressive illness so that patients may have the maximum function and comfort possible, within the limits of their illness.

We support you with:

  • The control of symptoms
  • Respite
  • Terminal care

To ensure a seamless transfer between home or hospital, we work closely with the Northern Palliative Care Service, and provide referral to a specialist unit if required.

The unit provides comfortable facilities for both patients and family members. Family members may stay overnight and also utilise the family room, which caters for younger children.  All rooms are equipped with ensuites and a private courtyard to encourage independence and well being during a challenging time.

Our Team

Our expert team of doctors and nurses work alongside patients to decide the best course of treatment and care.

The expansive team includes medical oncologists, oncology nurses, radiation oncologists, haematologists, surgeons, rehabilitation physicians, dietitians, pulmonologists, exercise physiologists and psychologists. Our goal is to see patients through the entirety of their journey – through treatment and back to wellness.


Our Partnerships

Calvary Central Districts Hospital works with a range of healthcare providers to give patients access to rapid, no-wait cancer services in the one location.

  • Adelaide Oncology & Haematology was established in 2008 and is now one of South Australia’s largest private oncology and haematology practices. The practice brings together the expertise of more than 20 doctors to provide specialised cancer treatment to patients in the North.
  • GenesisCare is the leading provider of radiotherapy services in South Australia and the sole private provider. The practice provides rapid access to specialised Radiation Oncology Consultants, best
    practice treatments, advanced techniques and personalised, affordable care.
  • Clinpath Laboratories – a wholly owned division of Sonic Healthcare Limited – is a highly respected, well established private pathology practice, providing laboratory services to general practitioners, specialists, private hospitals, and aged care facilities in Adelaide.
  • Radiology SA is a privately owned, Adelaide-based radiology practice, run by radiologists and nuclear medicine specialists for the medical community.
  • Calvary Community Care offers a range of services across South Australia, including home care packages, private home support and hospital to home assistance.


Cancer centre referral

Referral by specialist or healthcare providers is required.


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Level 1, 46 John Rice Avenue, Elizabeth Vale
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