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Our Calvary Central Districts Hospital team includes:

  • Medical Officers: Visiting Medical Officers (Senior Doctors in a specialty) and Staff Medical Officers
  • Nursing: Registered Nurses and Enrolled Nurses.
  • Allied Health Team: Physiotherapists, Dieticians, Occupational Therapists, Pastoral Care, Pharmacists and Medical Imaging Technicians.

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At Calvary Central Districts Hospital these various occupations work within a framework that ensures we provide you with timely, appropriate care in a safe and suitable setting.

Calvary Central Districts Hospital provides GP’s and their privately insured patients to access same day consultations in most instances, hospitalisations, rapid access to surgical procedures, colonoscopy and endoscopic services.

Fast Track Colonoscopy and Endoscopy

The Fast Track Colonoscopy and Endoscopy service has been developed to fast track access for patients presenting with conditions that require urgent endoscopy or colonoscopy with one of the participating medical specialists associated with Calvary Central Districts Hospital.

The patients will receive a brief consultation on the day with a participating specialist prior to their endoscopy or colonoscopy.

If the patient has a medical history that requires consultation prior to the day of surgery this can be arranged.

All participating surgeons bulk bill for the Fast Track service.

Patients with private health insurance are required to provide their health fund details and policy number.

The hospital can provide a competitive quote for uninsured patients that would like to have their procedure within one week of referral to avoid lengthy waiting lists in the public hospitals.

Specialists participating in the Fast Track service:


LOW, It Wen
NIND, Garry
RAJU, Devinder
TAM, William
TEE, Derrick
TEO, Edward

General or Colorectal surgeons

KOZMAN, Mathew
LUCK, Andrew
MURPHY, Elizabeth
RYAN, Mathew
TREHAN, Dinesh

GPs can make a booking for the first available or preferred specialist by contacting Bookings direct.

Monday to Friday, 9am – 5pm

 08 8282 5316

Physician Direct Admission

The Physician Direct admission roster has been developed to assist GPs and their privately insured patients to access same day consultations and hospitalisation for chronic or low acuity medical conditions.

The service provides rapid and easy access for GPs to contact the Physician direct to discuss the patient’s condition and most appropriate care. The roster is supported by General and Respiratory Physicians and Geriatricians.

If the patient has a condition that requires emergency management please call 000 and refer them to the closest emergency department.

For patients requiring hospitalisation for elective/chronic medical conditions you can speak to the Director of Clinical Services at the hospital who can refer you to the on call Physician. To arrange an admission please call 1300 997 292.

All patients are required to have private health insurance if they require hospitalisation under the care of the participating Physicians.


Calvary Central Districts Hospital is proud to associate with a large team of multi-specialist surgeons and physicians who are leaders in their field and committed to providing the highest level of clinical care to their patients.

Our patients are of the utmost importance to us and we are dedicated to achieving the highest standards of patient care and comfort.

Calvary Business Development Managers can support and assist you in your practice. For more information please contact the Business Development Manager on 0437 915 120.

Credentialing process 

Specialist Consulting Suites

At Calvary Central Districts Hospital we provide access to both sessional and permanent specialist consulting suites. The suites are modern and provide an ability for specialists to visit for acute and consulting work.

There are a range of secretariat services available to suit your needs and these can be arranged by contacting the Patient Services Manager.

Patient Services Manager

08 8250 4111

Monday to Friday, 9am – 5pm, or by arrangement