Encouraging greater diversity and inclusion at Calvary

At Calvary, “Everyone is welcome. You matter. We care about you.”

Calvary is committed to valuing and respecting each other as colleagues and peers. We value the fact that individuals bring different ideas, skills and backgrounds to their work at Calvary and embrace workplace diversity as a source of strength. This is not only about increasing visible differences in the workplace, but more importantly it is about the strategic advantage that comes from incorporating a wider variety of capabilities, ideas and insights in our decision making, problem solving and Policy development.

Managing diversity is about creating an environment in which everyone can achieve his or her full potential.

The Spirit of Calvary underpins our commitment, as an inclusive organisation to:

  • value the integral dignity of each person, regardless of religion, race, gender, cultural background, political opinion, economic condition, social condition or social group;
  • be attentive to each one’s physical, emotional and spiritual needs;
  • respect choice;
  • care for each and every person who seeks Calvary’s services; and
  • care for the whole person.

Calvary seeks to improve equitable access to our employees and for the people who use our services, to ensure they feel valued and welcome, and have information in an accessible format to make informed choices about their health and care.

Recognising the value of a diverse workplace, Calvary offers employees access to flexible working arrangements, paid parental leave, and access to employee assistance programs.

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Calvary is proud to be recognised as a member of the Champions of Change Coalition (CCC) initiative, since early January 2019. The Champions of Change Coalition (CCC) is a not-for-profit organisation that works with influential leaders to redefine men’s role in taking action on gender inequality.

Members of the CCC Health Group, including Calvary’s National CEO, Martin Bowles AO PSM, have committed to using their power and influence to step up beside women to challenge the status quo, and adopt actions to cultivate inclusive cultures towards gender equality, increase female representation in leadership roles and enhance workplace flexibility across private and government sectors. Martin has spoken at numerous CCC seminars to discuss key issues around gender inequality and workplace flexibility.

Calvary is committed to the CCC initiative and is actively participating in the ‘All Roles Flex’ study focusing on barriers and enablers to workplace flexibility in medical specialty training and rostered clinical environments.

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Calvary commits to provide respectful, culturally safe services to the people we serve, welcoming environments and a genuinely inclusive workforce where people are supported to draw strengths from their identity, culture and community.

Accordingly, Calvary

1. Supports access to healthcare as a basic human right.

2. Affirms

a. that health is a state of complete physical, mental, social and spiritual wellbeing and not merely the absence of disease or disability; and

b. that the enjoyment of the highest attainable standard of health is one of the fundamental rights of every human being without distinction.

3. Recognises the impact of social determinants on health outcomes, noting that up to 50% of people’s health can be attributed to their social, economic, and physical environment.

4. Will consult and include First Peoples of Australia and peoples of culturally diverse and linguistic backgrounds in creating culturally safe workplace settings and environments reflective of the inherent dignity and value of each and every human being.

5. Commits to implementing measures to promote cultural safety and create a genuinely inclusive workforce; investing in our First Peoples and peoples of culturally diverse and linguistic backgrounds; and developing specific measures of accountability.

6. Acknowledges the effects of structural racism and intergenerational trauma, in particular on our First Peoples, which manifests in demonstratively negative health outcomes and disproportionate incarceration rates.

7. Opposes all forms of discrimination and will not tolerate any policy or behaviour that excludes and marginalises people, especially for disability, race ethnicity, identity or experience (LGBTIQA+).

8. Values collecting better data to understand disparities and provide the evidence to address implicit and explicit biases of health care workers and in the health system.

9. Advocates for the long-term health and well-being of all members of the communities in which Calvary serves, ensuring this is done in an inclusive and sustainable manner.

10. Accompanies and stands with the vulnerable, in fidelity to our heritage and charism (founding spirit).