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Calvary Health Care in partnership with The University of Tasmania (UTAS) offers eligible Calvary employees a great range of scholarships and tertiary training to support their professional development and learning aspirations.

UTAS offers Calvary employees scholarships for postgraduate study in nursing, clinical pharmacy, dementia, healthcare redesign, leadership and midwifery.

Please refer to Calvary Care | University of Tasmania for information on pricing, courses and the application process.

Scholarship applicants must be eligible for a Commonwealth supported place under the HECS-HELP system and have approval from their direct line manager and hospital executive when completing the scholarship application form. Students must also be enrolled in a minimum of one unit per semester for the duration of the course.

Calvary is pleased to inform that the Graduate Certificate in Health Service Management (Safety and Quality) is now available at the University of Tasmania.

This new course is a result of a collaboration between the NSQHS and the University of Tasmania.

The course is designed to introduce training on healthcare safety and quality, particularly the National Safety and Quality Health Service (NSQHS) Standards, is part-time and is delivered online, with optional half-day masterclasses.

The Graduate Certificate in Health Service Management (Safety and Quality) is open for enrolment now, and for a limited time the University is providing a 100% HECS fee waiver through the Calvary Scholarship program. This is a fantastic opportunity for managers and clinicians to boost their skills and knowledge and get a qualification in this important area.

Course participants will get an in-depth understanding of how to apply the NSQHS Standards and National Model Clinical Governance Framework to improve the safety and quality of care in their health service.

If you are interested in this course and have any queries, please contact the course coordinator, Professor Melanie Lauva at [email protected].

These Wicking courses for dementia are free of charge to Calvary employees. They have been developed for support workers, enrolled nurses, and registered nurses.

Search The University of Tasmania’s website for specific information about the following courses:
  • M1D Diploma of Dementia Care
  • H4B Bachelor of Nursing with Clinical Honours (Transition to Practice)
  • H4F Bachelor of Nursing with Professional Honours (Specialisation)
  • M5C Graduate Certificate in Clinical Pharmacy
  • MSQ Graduate Certificate in Evidence based Complementary Medicines
  • M4V Bachelor of Healthcare with Clinical Honours (Clinical Redesign)
  • 54W Bachelor of Health (Public Health) Professional Honours
  • M4Z Bachelor of Health and Human Services (Leadership) Professional Honours
  • H5C Graduate Certificate in Midwifery (Specialisation) Special Care of the Newborn
  • H4E Bachelor of E-Health (Health Informatics) Professional Honours
  • Master of Dementia Program (M5X, M6X, M7X)

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To apply for a Clinical Scholarship with UTAS, all applicants must first seek support from their direct line manager and hospital executive by completing the Calvary application form below. All sections must be completed fully. Once completed and signed, please submit this document with your online application.

The Calvary application form can be found here. Please download, complete, scan and attach to your online UTAS application form when you come to submit it.

To apply online with UTAS please click here.

Application, enrolment and contact numbers are available on the landing page:

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Important dates

Semester 1 Commences     Closing date for applications
Monday 21 February 2023     Friday 17 February 2023
Semester 2 Commences     Closing date for applications
  Monday 10 July 2023     Friday 7 July 2023