Salary Packaging

Salary Packaging with Maxxia

Make the most of your pre-tax earnings

Calvary’s ongoing partnership with Maxxia provides employees access to salary packaging, leasing a vehicle and access to various other discounts through Maxxia Rewards. With over 6000 current Calvary employees enjoying greater tax savings, and with almost $100 savings available on your membership per annum, there’s no better time than now to jump on board and join.

What is Salary Packaging?

As a Not-For-Profit health organisation, the Australian Tax Office allows Calvary employees to pay for certain living expenses with pre-tax dollars. Salary Packaging allows you to allocate a portion of your salary to pay off certain expenses such as your mortgage, rent, personal or credit card loan repayments and other everyday expenses before income tax is calculated. This reduces the overall amount of tax payable on your gross salary and increases the amount of disposable income you have to spend each pay.

How does salary packaging benefit me?

Salary packaging allows you to:

  • Reduce your taxable income
  • Increase your disposable income
  • Choose how to spend your tax savings
  • Choose from a wide range of benefits to suit you and your lifestyle.

Everyday benefits

As an employee of Calvary, you can also pay for a range of expenses with your pre-tax salary through Maxxia. A salary packaging debit card option is available if you wish to use salary packaging for everyday purchases.

In addition, you can claim meals and entertainment via the Maxxia app, as well as venue hire, novated leases and more.

Differences in Salary Packaging depending on where you work

Salary packaging options are available to all Calvary employees, however, it works a little differently depending on where you work. A quick informative video about salary packaging for Calvary Community Care, Calvary Retirement Communities, Calvary Aged Care Services and National employees can be found here, and for Public and Private Hospital employees here. To learn more about salary packaging visit the Maxxia website.

Employees at Calvary Mater Newcastle salary package through Prosperity and can find further information here.

Novated Leases

Available on new, used and existing vehicles, novated leasing allows you to bundle not only your lease payments but all of your vehicle running costs including petrol, insurance, rego and servicing into one convenient regular payment.

To learn more about Novated Leasing watch the video here.

How to Sign up to Maxxia Salary Packaging or Novated Leasing

  • Sign up online here OR
  • Call Maxxia on 1300 123 123 OR
  • Visit the Maxxia website to book a one-on-one chat OR
  • Once signed up to Maxxia your day to day management of your Maxxia account can be completed through the Maxxia app.

Save with Maxxia Rewards

The Maxxia Rewards program offers free access to discounts and benefits at selected retail outlets, department stores, attractions, travel, cinemas, restaurants and more.

To learn more about Maxxia Rewards visit the Maxxia Rewards website.

To register for Maxxia Rewards:

Maxxia App



“I have saved money by doing this, so am financially better off. I say to my colleagues, ‘do it’!”

Soobirajsingh – Calvary Adelaide Hospital

“Salary packaging has helped me with financial planning for the future whilst also helping me make savings on everyday things like entertainment and food”

Jacqueline – Calvary John James Hospital

“The process to sign up was simple and easy – I registered online, then they called to discuss some details and it was all completed within a week”

Seongryang – Calvary Adelaide Hospital

“It took 5-10 minutes to complete the process on the phone, and I now get $150 extra a fortnight which means I can treat myself every now and again”

Carla – Calvary Community Care