Here my life has been given back to me

Rod emailed Felcity Scholtz, Director of Clinical ServicesCalvary Rehabilitation Hospital in Adelaide, shortly after his return home.

Felicity responded “Hello Rod, I will have pleasure in distributing your complimentary letter of kind words to the staff. It is enormously reassuring to receive your feedback, particularly with regard to your personal recovery. I would like to thank you for your time dedicated to providing this terrific feedback. I know the staff will receive it with great enthusiasm.”

As Susan Holoubek, Director of Mission added, ‘It is a really beautiful letter of commendation. Something to bring a warm glow to us all.”

Such is the legacy of Mary Potter.


11 August 2018

To all those wonderful people at Calvary Rehabilitation Hospital, doctor’s, nurses, Physios, kitchen staff and Administration.  Spending 8 days in your delightful, peaceful hospital, has renewed my look on life, after being in a very dark place.

 Back at the end of April I had to put my wife, who has dementia, into a nursing home from which she attempted to escape four times, a problem that I found very hard to deal with.  The first time she escaped I managed to get her to return to the home, but she said to me “There is a fence all the way around, and they lock you in, and they want to keep you there for ever.” She was exactly right, and I was the one who put her there.  You can understand how I felt. Visiting her was a problem, as whenever I had to leave she wanted to know why she couldn’t come with me.

 After the fourth escape my son in Sydney said I needed a break, and took me to Broken Hill to see my granddaughter play basketball.  It was in Broken Hill that I started to get the first signs of vertigo.  A few days after our return to Adelaide my son bought me a ticket to fly to his home in Sydney, where I spent two weeks undergoing all the medical tests available, but with no definitive result, and returned to Adelaide feeling extremely stressed, only to find that my cousin had died a few days before from the ruinous affects of MS.  

 I woke up two mornings later with the world spinning around me, which was so bad I needed assistance.  My son here in Adelaide organised an ambulance, which took me to Modbury Hospital where an Indian doctor immediately diagnosed my condition for which I shall be eternally grateful.  He said I had a virus of the inner ear called vestibular neuritis.  I was then transferred to your splendid rehabilitation centre at Walkerville.

 Here my life has been given back to me.  In the calm atmosphere of the centre, the Physios have worked their magic allowing me to regain my balance and equilibrium.  Their efforts have been miraculous.  The nurses have done their part checking my vital signs during my stay.  And the kitchen staff has provided the best meals anywhere in the metropolitan area.  From the moment I entered the facility I have had nothing but kindness, which was exactly what I needed.  I have felt so much at home that I didn’t want to leave, but I have finally recovered my confidence.  

 Dr Johns has been most considerate and I particularly would like to thank her for her kindness. I would also like to thank the staff of the fitness room, particularly Todd who has done so much to rehabilitate me.  There is no way I can repay all those involved in my recovery, but I shall remember my time at Calvary as one of the best in my life.

 Yours sincerely