Larissa makes my time at the hospice so much easier to accept…

Earlier this year Fr Percy penned the letter further below during his visit to Mary Potter hospice at Calvary North Adelaide Hospital.

Fr Percy wrote about how a young nurse called Larissa caused him to feel very blessed. So much so that he felt compelled to write to her parents to let them know “a little of what happens when she leaves your home and goes off to work at the hospice.”

Larissa and Fr Percy were united one more time on his return to Calvary Flora MacDonald when these images were taken. Shortly after, Fr Percy passed away peacefully.

Mary Potter Hospice’s Palliative Care Manager, Berry Janse Van Vurren, reflected ‘I am so proud to see Larissa, who is a reasonably new nurse graduate, embrace who we are and what we do at Mary Potter Hospice. You can’t train that level of care, you can only create the conditions for it to flourish.”

Such is the legacy of the Venerable Mary Potter.


Mary Potter Hospice
Monday 14th May 2018


To Dear IIarco & Leah,

Greetings to you both. You do not know me but I feel I must pen these few lines to you.

My name is Frank and I am now settled comfortably in my hospital bed. I simply wanted to share with you the joy I experience having your daughter caring for me.

Larissa is a fine young woman and in her role as a nurse, Larissa is worthy of much praise. I am very fortunate in my illness and in my senior years (77) to be so beautifully attended to.

I needed to tell you a little of what happens when she leaves your home and goes off to work at the Hospice.

I myself am not yet close to death but was placed here due to pain in my spine. Larissa makes my time at the Hospice much easier to accept. Larissa is a delightful young woman, cheerful and she anticipates my comfortable needs.

This morning I was thinking about my situation. Still quite young relatively, I am still very active but my prior busy life has come to a sudden halt.

To my surprise, tears began to run down my cheeks. That has not happened before other than at the funeral of a loved one.

Then Larissa entered my room. Her beautiful face and joy filled disposition immediately caused me also to smile and feel very blessed.

Thank you for your delightful daughter who takes away the pain and brings so much joy to the patients she ministers to.


Many thanks and congratulations,

(FR.) Frank Percy msc.