Linda n Gill

When you are introduced to the Patient Services team at Calvary Central Districts Hospital you may wonder if ‘Linda n Gill’ are one or two people, such is the close connection that Linda Sutton and Gillian Burke have with each other. With over 30 years of work history together, including time at Central Districts Private Hospital, Calvary North Adelaide, Bensons Radiology, and back again to Calvary Central Districts, the Senior Patient Services Officers’ bond is unique, endearing and steadfast.

When 19-year-old Linda met 36-year old Gill on her first day in patient services, the two hit it off and have been firm friends ever since. They have shared all of life’s challenges and special milestones with each other, seeing children born and grow, some even now having children of their own.

Linda speaks about how much Gill has taught her over the years. From being a young woman learning about the role from scratch, Linda has had Gill guide her through both her professional and personal life. “She is played a huge part in forming who I am today.”

When Calvary took ownership of the Central Districts hospital in 2006, the pair embraced the Calvary ethos as the values embodied “who we are as people”.

In their time at Central Districts, Linda and Gill have seen many changes, from staff coming and going, new building works and service upgrades, and growth in all areas. But they continue to enjoy the community feeling that the hospital provides, including daily interactions with patients and families, along with the staff connections a small hospital provides.

As well as seeing each other’s children grow over the years, they have also seen their co-workers’ children grow, including the current Building and Infrastructure Manager James, who they were first introduced to as a toddler when his mother worked at the hospital.

The remarkable team of ‘Linda n Gill’ promote, share and practice the Calvary values of hospitality, healing, stewardship and respect. They are cherished stalwarts of Calvary Central Districts Hospital.