Kriss’s poem

Kriss was with us nearly two weeks. As she was leaving, she gave a hand written poem to one of the nursing staff who typed it up to share with staff. Kris was in our care for complications relating to a spinal cord injury in a motor accident two years ago.

When the poem was shared with the team, one member responded ‘that made me cry!’

Kriss’ generosity of spirit in the face of very difficult circumstances is inspiring to us all. It reminds us that health care is a privileged place of encounter with others, where we have the capacity to make a real and meaningful difference to people at some of the most vulnerable times of their lives.


Thank you, I will never forget you

Never felt so blessed
to have so many people
looked after me the best
And at night was so peaceful

The love that you give
brings warmth to my heart
I’m actually sad
to have to depart

Your personal care
is one hundred percent
I couldn’t ask for better
you are all heaven sent

I’m going to miss you all
and as I roll through those doors
but remembering how much
your hearts I’ve adored

The times that you listened
and the time that you took
to hear all my conditions
like you were reading my book

You are all very special
I will cry when I leave
you’ve killed my depression
now I can smile and not grieve

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart, all my love