Dawn and Cynthia’s special bond

There is a special bond between these two ladies, each having spent time being nursed at Calvary Central Districts Hospital by the other.

Twenty years ago, Dawn gave birth to her fourth son and was acutely unwell afterwards. Cynthia worked in the maternity ward, and remembers that night vividly.  She cared for Dawn during this time and the two became friends. When the maternity unit later closed and Cynthia went to work at the nearby Gawler hospital, the two became work colleagues for the next two years.

Fast forward to today, and it is Dawn who is now caring for Cynthia as she navigates her cancer journey. With a relaxed and friendly disposition, Cynthia attends the cancer centre with her positive attitude and a determination to look her best, despite how she sometimes feels on the inside.

Each has been in the other’s shoes – where a reassuring squeeze of the hand and a listening ear is needed just as much as professional nursing care – and each of them speaks emotionally of the impact that their friendship has had.