Emergency Interpreter service

My name is Greg and I’m the Domestic Services Manager at Calvary Public Hospital Bruce looking after a number of contract services.

Earlier in the year I received an urgent phone-call from one of our Clinical Managers seeking translation assistance from one of my team – yes we do more than contract services!

A non-English speaking elderly patient Croatian patient had been admitted to hospital. At the time he was not accompanied by family or friends and it was critical that we find someone who could speak the patient’s language.

Within minutes, one of our cleaners who is fluent in Croatian and English was organised to be by the patient’s side so the patient could understand clearly what needed to happen as part of his healing journey.

Whilst it was very important the patient understood what was required, I believe it was equally important that his comfort was ensured by having someone with him in an environment with whom he was able to communicate with in a relaxed manner.

This is the sort of response that confirms what ‘Being for Others’ is. Over and over again these experiences show that our Calvary Values are truly tangible, and they unify us as a family regardless what role we are paid to perform.