Rosie – Coordinator, Biography Service

Calvary North Adelaide Hospital


For the past 18 months, I have had the privilege to be the coordinator of this program.

The service was established here in Calvary North Adelaide Hospital ten years ago and created an excellent ground on which to build the future of the service. My right-hand person, Belinda, has helped to refine our computer systems to make recording valuable information more efficient. We are a good team, taking to our individual roles with vim and vigour and a lot of laughs.

Five years ago, if you suggested to me that I would be writing biographies for people with life-limiting illnesses, I would have said that would be impossible. But serendipity brought me to the program. An interview with the Volunteer coordinator for another position opened up the possibility of Biography, and I knew that was exactly how I would like to contribute. Little did I realise the profound effect it would have on me. To witness the positive responses from the patients has been life-changing. Together we have laughed and cried. I’ve seen relief and pleasure in the telling of the stories. It has given the patients a sense that their life has been important; they have achieved more than formally perceived. It has allowed for a peaceful death. What a gift to share this precious time with someone at the end of their life.

Apart from the patients, as coordinator, I can also see the positive effect it has on all my biographers.

What a privileged team we are.

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