Josie – Inspiring us for 40 years

Josie is an inspiration for us.

Josie is a founding member of the ACT Calvary Public Hospital Bruce Auxiliary, who have raised more than $1,000,000 to support patient care  and are this year celebrating their 40th year.

The Auxiliary was established when the Hospital opened in 1975. Today the Auxiliary has approximately 60 members.

I have been involved with the Sisters of the Little Company of Mary all my life.

My Auntie,  Sister Ballina,  was with the LCM sisters in Wagga.  She prayed for the day the Sisters would come to Canberra.

When the hospital opened in Canberra in 1975, I started volunteering in the Auxiliary Kiosk, serving our pleasant customers – doctors and staff. We took the trolley around with sweets, papers and items patients may need.

We ran raffles for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Christmas. In the first few years we had a car raffle. Tickets were sold at “trash and treasure” and Myer gave us permission to sell in their store. It was a great success. The raffles are still sold in the Hospital Foyer for Mother’s Day, Easter and Christmas Hampers.

It is very easy to keep going and helping, we enjoy each other’s great company. At the (Auxiliary) meeting each month we realise what money we raised over the month, and then what we can afford to give to the hospital to buy important items. So far we have given more than  $1,000,000.

When the kiosk went to private catering, Sister Teresa Hussy said we all had to keep going so she started us ‘Guiding’, directing patients to the area they needed to go as all was too confusing. I used to get lost some days, as areas would change overnight.

To anyone reading my notes, it has been an enjoyable 40 years of friendship, helping, a lot of knitting, cooking, and dozens and dozens of jams, and helping where I could.

We need more helpers (members) to keep going as the people who have been there for years need help. It is enjoyable.

God Bless the Sisters of the Little Company of Mary who fought for many years to get the hospital built and won.


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