Bob – Just do it!

I have been a volunteer at Calvary North Adelaide Hospital since June 2004. My main aim is to help the nurses on St Catherine’s ward get on with their main job of looking after the patients, which they do brilliantly. So I help out by checking patient supplies and restocking when necessary, taking patients, especially those in wheelchairs, down to discharge or radiology, filing and data entry tasks on the computer.

My advice to anybody thinking of volunteering at Calvary, is do it!!! This hospital has a wonderful ethos and the nicest possible staff to work with.

The past 14 years have been tremendously rewarding and I know other volunteers have said much the same.

Whilst visiting our eldest daughter in London, we came across The Volunteer Pub! We came across it by accident after walking through Regents Park. With that name, we thought it most appropriate to visit for a quiet drink…. any excuse!

Pictured: Bob and his daughter at ‘The Volunteer’ Pub


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