Winners are certainly grinners

Over the last month, Calvary Mt Carmel residents have let their creativity soar, building their own town for the Woodlands ‘Build a Town’ competition.

Calvary Mt Carmel were invited to participate in a regional inter facility aged care competition to Build a Town – 30 August 2018.

Guidelines included involving your residents in choice and decision making, the size of the town should be no greater than 1200mm x 900mm, and there was no limited to the materials could be used

Friday 30 August our residents were given first place for their creation, an amazing replica of their hometown Maitland.

A special mention to Calvary Mt Carmel resident Cathy who painted the amazing backdrop; a depiction of the beautiful outlook from the balcony. Unfortunately, Cathy suffered a stroke some years ago which paralysed her right side, including her dominant painting hand. Cathy has retrained and learnt to paint again with her left hand.

Congratulations to everyone involved, what an achievement!