The Three Sisters of Calvary

While most consider the Three Sisters to be a famous landmark and tourist destination in the Blue Mountains, at Calvary, we also have our very own ‘three sisters’ who are not only an attraction but also the heart and soul of Calvary Lower Plenty Garden Views.

Situated in Melbourne’s leafy North-East, the spacious home is known for its warm and home-like atmosphere, however, there is one family of sisters who felt so at home, they all decided to move in and make Calvary Lower Plenty Garden Views their forever home together.

Moving to Calvary

First it was Patty, then Rosemary, and finally Judith, who decided to pack up their individual homes in the nearby suburbs to make Calvary Lower Plenty Garden Views their new, family home.

“It is not unusual that new residents join us based on recommendations from friends or family members, but to have three sisters move in within the space of a few years is something we haven’t seen before”, says Home Manager, Judy Edwards.

The sisters learnt of the home during a conversation with Judith’s good friend and ex-husband. Not long after Patty made the move, her two sisters also followed suit.

Unfortunately, Judith’s ex-husband passed away late last year after enjoying extensive quality time with his family.

“Once you reach a certain age it is exactly personal challenges like these that bond you closer to your siblings. Having their support, right outside your door, has become all the more important and dealing with grief as a family is much easier than having to do it on your own”.


Living life as usual

“While we all have lived our separate lives throughout the years, we have always been a close-knit family, and it is just wonderful to, again, live under one roof”, Judith, the eldest of the three, continues.

“We all require different care, and we all still have our own hobbies and interests but being so close to each other gives us a lot of comfort that we couldn’t get living on our own.”

While all three have mobility challenges, one of the sisters is never far away. Nevertheless, what they enjoy most about living at Calvary Lower Plenty Garden Views is the excellent care they receive, the variety of food, and that there is always something to do.

Judith agrees that three sisters living under one roof is quite unusual.“Calvary may not have seen the last of us!’ She laughs. “There is still our fourth and youngest sister, and we have another brother who doesn’t live too far, up in Whittlesea”.

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