Peter Hawke – Maintenance Manager, Father and Grandfather

At Calvary Retirement Communities we have many fathers and grandfathers in various roles across our fifteen sites.


Peter Hawke, a father of three and grandfather of seven, has been working at Calvary Haydon in Bruce since its inception in 2007.


Peter is the Maintenance Manager which involves overseeing and managing any required maintenance across both the Residential Aged Care Facility and in the 78 Independent Living Units and Apartments.


“I love working at Calvary Haydon because of the people. Working with aged care you meet so many wonderful people who have amazing stories. They are also very appreciative of what you do for them”


Peter grew up in Parkes in the Central West of NSW on a farm. He married in Orange in September 1977. In 1987 Peter and his family moved to Canberra where he has lived for the last 30 years. He enjoys 4WD in the Brindabella ranges and gardening.


Peter has been a father for the past 37 years. “I have three beautiful children, two sons and one daughter. I also have two great daughter in laws and seven grandkids. I am fortunate that they all generally live in Canberra but our youngest son and his family are currently living overseas for a year so we miss them”.


When asked what the best thing about being a dad is Peter said “Being around the family and doing things with them like going out into the bush, I especially love 4WD and camping”.


Peter has received many Father’s Day gifts over the years. “The best father’s day present I have received would have to be a ceramic turtle that my eldest son made for me when he was in preschool and we still have it on show”.


“I didn’t really think much about being a dad, it just seemed the right thing to do. I am so grateful that we did have children. They are a big part of my life”.