Calvary Haydon’s Newest Duo – Sam and His Best Friend Pickles

Pictured above from left: Sam’s wife Pam, Sam with Pickles and Sam’s son Ben. Sam and Pickles at Calvary Haydon Retirement Community. 


Sam and Pickles were living at home together but the time came to move into an aged care facility. Sam was delighted that he could bring his dog Pickles with him.


Two of the newest residents of Calvary Haydon Retirement Community in Bruce, Sam and Pickles enjoy regular walks together and socialising with other residents.


Care Choices Advisor at Calvary Haydon Vicky Rushforth said “Sam and Pickles were living together at home but things were getting more difficult. When it came time to make the decision to move to Calvary Haydon, Sam struggled with the idea of saying good-bye to his old mate Pickles and not having him around made the change extremely difficult”.


The team at Calvary Haydon worked hard to create a plan on how Pickles could be incorporated into facility life. Pickles had a check-up with the vet, an ongoing vet plan, a grooming service was put into place and a dog walker was found.


Sam and Pickles were reunited at Calvary Haydon and Sam’s outlook on his new home has changed, he has become more settled and more involved in community life.


The other Residents in the St Teresa household have taken the admission of Pickles in their stride and the staff can often be seen taking Pickles for walks in their lunch breaks.


Sam said “I’m a lucky guy to have such a loving dog. He jumps on the bed and licks me and I am loved. He snuggles and I feel good. Pickles is my best friend”.


Mollie, Sam’s daughter, said “Having Pickles with Dad has helped him make the transition into Calvary”. 


Vicky added “This has been a positive outcome for all involved and Sam and Pickles can be seen happily going about their daily life together in their new home”.