Calvary launches the new Palliative and End of life Care Research Institute

A new palliative and end of life care research institute launched on 30th November by Little Company of Mary Health Care will profile the important research being undertaken in the field of Palliative and End of Life Care at four leading specialist palliative care services across Calvary..

“It would be reasonable to say that today palliative care is at a crossroads,” said Professor Liz Lobb who has been named as Chair of the Institute.

“The challenges we face are enormous.  Important social conversations about death and dying are taking place in the context of the assisted dying legislation, the outcome of which will have a fundamental impact on attitudes to the dying in our community, and for palliative care services” said Professor Lobb.“

“People will have options that have never existed before. For anyone in that situation, it is critically important that their choices are based on a real understanding of the options that are there for them, and hence of palliative care.” Professor Lobb said.

In launching the Institute Professor Lobb highlights a growing body of research conducted through the Calvary network of palliative care services on managing symptoms such as pain, nausea, breathing and delirium. There is also psychosocial research to investigate the experiences of patients, their families and friends during death and afterwards through their experience of grief. “Much of this innovative and ground breaking research has been initiated by palliative care clinicians here in Australia, and is changing palliative care practice around the world” Professor Lobb said.

The Institute will be “virtual” in nature to connect researchers to collaborate across 4 specialist palliative care units at Calvary Bethlehem, Victoria; Calvary Bruce, ACT and Calvary Mater Newcastle and Calvary Health Care Kogarah in NSW.

Palliative care patients wish to contribute to the research agenda and play a role in the delivery of their health care. Calvary is committed to providing the best care to our patients, residents and clients.  Our goals are to put patients first, to ensure high quality, safe care and to deliver innovative and integrated care.” Professor Lobb said. “Such care needs to be evidence based and in line with National and International priorities.”


Palliative and End of life Care Research Institute

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