Calvary committed to individualised and connected care in the community

By Angie Robinson, Calvary National Exec Advisor Home Care


It is an absolute pleasure to be speaking at the 2023 Aged & Community Care Providers Association’s NSW/ACT State Conference in coming days, focusing on what excellent care looks like and how we can deliver it.

The conference panel is posing the question: What would excellent care look like if we had all the resources we needed and every opportunity to deliver care through innovative and imaginative concepts?

As the National Executive Advisor of Home Care at Calvary, providing excellent care for our communities is my number one focus.

For me, a sense of belonging is crucial when it comes to care. I’m very passionate about Home Care being seen as a health service that enables people to remain at home for as long as they can. This includes staying connected with their communities, which is a really crucial element of care often easily overlooked. A sense of belonging and purpose is so important to our wellbeing.

At Calvary we are only who we are because of our clients and our staff, and it is our job to make sure they continue to feel connected, supported and safe. Calvary has been supporting people through home and community care for more than 30 years and, while we deliver a range of health and wellbeing services to achieve positive outcomes for our communities, our point of difference is the individualised care we provide to our clients.

Providing care is not simple. It is multi-faceted. While some consider providing care to the community as simply ensuring services are available to individuals, it is my strong belief there is much more to what we do.
A person’s care needs varies to the next, and I’m so proud to lead a team that ensures the individual is always front and centre in the delivery of their care.


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