New $1.4 million cardiac lab for Calvary Wakefield Hospital

Media Release

A new $1.4 million cardiac catheterisation laboratory – used for the treatment of patients with heart problems – has been opened at Calvary Wakefield Hospital in Adelaide’s CBD.

The latest advancements in cardiovascular imaging and in the treatment of patients have been installed in the “cath lab”, which replaces the hospital’s former ageing lab.

This includes the latest in 3D imaging technology integrating ultra-sound, computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) images with live, in-situ imaging, which is then displayed as a single image on a large 150cm colour monitor.

(A cath lab is an examination room in a hospital with state of the art diagnostic imaging equipment, which is used to visualize a patient’s heart arteries and/or chambers of the heart, and treat any abnormality found).

“The new laboratory will ensure our doctors are able to provide their patients with leading edge technology and equipment for the treatment of cardiovascular disease, including cardiac stenting and neuro-intervention,” Calvary Wakefield Hospital CEO, Mr Robert Wise, said today.

“Our new lab enables doctors to instantaneously monitor and minimise patient radiation exposure, therefore significantly reducing the risk of any skin injury,” he said.

“The lab’s new digital image storage and reporting system improves the access and sharing of a patient’s images and reports, allowing for faster decisions to be made regarding their treatment, which in many cases, allows them to return to comfort of their own homes sooner.

“We are very excited about this significant advancement for better overall outcomes for both patients and doctors.”

The hospital’s cath lab is in high demand, undertaking about 1600 procedures each year.

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