Calvary awarded Employer of Choice – Gender Equality for fifth consecutive year

Calvary has again been awarded the Employer of Choice for Gender Equality (EOCGE) citation for the fifth consecutive year. The WGEA Employer of Choice for Gender Equality citation recognizes Calvary’s active commitment to achieving gender equality in our workplaces.

Martin Bowles, Calvary’s National Chief Executive Officer and a WGEA Ambassador for Pay Equity says

“Calvary is committed to continue to play our part in bridging the gender gap for women in the workplace and to look for ways to embrace and value difference in our services. We are very proud of all the work that Calvary has achieved in gender equality and respects that it is a journey where every one of us has a role to play in achieving gender equality in the workplace. But as a leader it is important that we create a positive gender inclusive workplace culture and one that values difference which will then flow into the community we live in. My personal commitment is to raise awareness and promote behaviours that will contribute towards achieving this at Calvary.”

Damien Johnston, Calvary’s National Director People and Corporate Services reinforced that “Calvary is a major employer of women.  With over 12,000 employees, 80% of which are female, Calvary is proud to highlight that we have achieved 60% female representation at executive level and 70% female representation at manager level.  In practical terms Calvary has defined its leadership capabilities and is implementing developmental programs, systems and processes that embed gender neutrality, that is, ensure there is no gender bias in processes such as recruitment, promotion, development opportunities, remuneration setting and performance reviews.” This year Calvary will commit its efforts to workplace gender equality through: exploring flexibility in the workplace; promoting career pathways; addressing systemic favouritism; monitoring pay equity and market positioning. We will continue to embrace our diverse workforce”.

Calvary is one of just 140 recipients of the 2018-19 EOCGE citation. Criteria for the citation covers leadership, learning and development, gender remuneration gaps, flexible working, employee consultation, preventing sex-based harassment and discrimination, other initiatives to support family responsibilities and targets for improving gender equality outcomes. Criteria are regularly strengthened to reflect best practice which pushes the organisation to achieve continued improvement.

According to WGEA Directory Libby Lyons, “Embracing workplace gender equality means different things for different organisations. Every employer committed to gender equality embarks upon their own unique journey towards achieving the equal participation by women and men in their workplace. The WGEA Employer of Choice for Gender Equality citation provides a rigorous and sophisticated roadmap to guide employers along the path.”