A new career in space medicine

Calvary Riverina medical officer James Kurrle is a Man on a mission, a mission to Mars in fact, if all goes according to plan.

James has been working in Wagga Wagga for the past 4 years and as a Medical Officer at Calvary Riverina since April 2015.  That will all be changing when he leaves us next week and heads to Dayton Ohio to study his Masters in Space Medicine, with a view to one day joining the American Space Program.

James has always had an interest in Space Travel, however when he initially didn’t gain entry into his preferred Space subjects at University, he instead opted to study Medicine.

Originally from Sydney, James first came to Wagga on rotation from St Vincent’s Hospital.  “I was surprised to find some of the most genuine people I have ever met.   I’ve met people in their absolute lows, and with the help of our nurses, allied health, and doctors, we’ve helped people back up and home. I have met so many people from Wagga and its surrounds, and it’s humbling to have had the opportunity to be part of the community”.

After a road trip to the States with his family, where he visited Cape Canaveral among other placds, James’ passion was again ignited.  His Space Medicine training will allow him to combine his skills as a Doctor and his dream of becoming an Astronaut.

Space Medicine is a specialised field that investigates, prevents and treats problems that may affect Astronauts during their time in space.

Things like atmospheric pressure and the lack of gravity in outer space can have a dramatic impact on the human body and its systems.

James commented that if not for the opportunity to work at Calvary, he may have been unable to pursue his studies so soon.  For that he will be forever grateful.

When asked why he chose the path less travelled James commented that life is short and you can either go with the flow or carve out your own future and that is exactly what he is doing.

James was photographed last year in the Daily Advertiser at the Food and Wine festival with a friend and the caption on the bottom of the photo said “James Kurrle of Wagga”. Despite the little time that he has been here it is a title that James is proud of.

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