Living on the edge

During a hectic weekend in late March, the Radiation Oncology department took possession of their new multi-million dollar Varian TrueBeam Edge linear accelerator. The TrueBeam Edge is a replacement for the old C-series accelerator in the Zeus bunker.

Michael Barnes, Department of Radiation Oncology Senior Medical Physics Specialist, said,

“The TrueBeam Edge is a state-of-the-art machine designed primarily for stereotactic type radiation cancer treatments, high dose treatments that require only a few treatment days and provide excellent outcomes for a number of different cancer types. This is a huge benefit to our radiation oncology patients who will spend less time at the hospital and more time with family and friends.”

Getting the new accelerator into the bunker was no mean feat. Initially the unit had to be craned off a truck then a team were required to manoeuvre the bulk through corridors and doorways on pads known as ‘air skates’. This allowed the machine to be floated along using compressed air.

This is the second TrueBeam Edge in the department and its introduction into clinical use in July will be a major enhancement to the department’s successful stereotactic program.