Let it Go, Let it Go

A young girl being treated in Calvary Mater Newcastle’s Radiation Oncology Department recently received a wonderful surprise from the department’s team of radiation therapists, reception and nursing staff.

Karen Jovanovic, Chief Radiation Therapist, reports,

“A young lady, only 8 years old, was recently being treated in the Radiation Oncology Department, on our newest linear accelerator as it happens. Potentially a very scary procedure to be repeated 33 times.

“The staff in the department found out that she very much liked ‘Frozen’ and so a poster was made on which to count down the treatment days. To help her forget what she was there for, the young lady brought in her CD of Frozen music. Of a usually happy disposition, she attended stoically every day supported by her brother and parents.

“The hospital’s team of radiation therapists treating her every day decided that she deserved a bigger than normal send-off on her last day. So the idea was born! As you will see from the photos, the Radiation Oncology team, dressed up as Elsa (AKA Ashlee) and Olaf (AKA Tobie, Perry, Niroga and Nicola), which was just the start of the surprise. The entrance was adorned with mobiles, the door covered by a sheet of ‘ice’ to break through. Entering the bunker was just like entering an ice cave – the lights shining blue, more mobiles and balloons. Frozen confetti and even a cake were ready for the exiting star of the day.

“The reception and nursing staff also got in on the act- an icy wand was made and the young lady was wheeled around in a big blue chariot with room to share with her brother. They turned the corner and broke through the ‘ice’ into the cave. Squeals of delight could be heard throughout the department. Cameras flashed. Laughs and giggles were loud. The young lady guessed who the team were under their costumes – no-one else could tell!

“At the end of the visit and the whole course of treatment, the young lady and her family went away with a beautiful memory, feeling loved and cared for.

“To the staff who went to such lengths to make her happy and actually enjoy her visits – the words are hard to find to thank you enough. You most definitely went ‘above and beyond the call of duty’.