Tribute to Veronique

Earlier this year a young woman who had been a patient at Calvary Health Care Bethlehem passed away peacefully after a long illness. After Veronique’s death her mother contacted the health service wanting to donate her daughter’s equipment.

When equipment coordinator Leanne Vella, visited Veronique’s Parkdale unit to pick up the equipment she saw in the middle of the room a sewing machine and an unfinished quilt. A keen quilter herself Leanne asked about the unfinished piece.

Veronique’s mother explained that her daughter had been making the quilt for her and had wanted to finish it before she died. Moved by the story, Leanne offered to finish the quilt and armed with Veronique’s design and fabric, set about finishing Veronique’s final gift to her mother.

Completed quilt is a tribute to Veronique

Leanne Vella (R) with Narcisse Lotter pose with the completed quilt and a photograph of Narcisse’s daughter Veronique.

In June the quilt was completed and delivered to Veroniques’ very appreciative mother.