Calvary Bruce Private project wins award

Congratulations to AW Edwards, builders of the new Calvary Bruce Private Hospital in the ACT, who won the award for Best Commercial Building over $50Mil at the recent ACT Master Builders Awards. The awards recognise and celebrate the ACT’s best builders, their teams, and the projects which have won them acclaim in the residential, commercial and civil construction sectors.

The award is a great acknowledgement of the work by AW Edwards, and also for the Calvary team who worked ‎alongside them.  We would like to acknowledge in particular the efforts of Mick O’Driscoll the external Project Manager (now with Calvary) and Jennifer Raxworthy, Transition Manager, and all the Bruce Private staff for their efforts in getting the new Hospital up and running.

The AW Edwards and Calvary team gave their all to this project, which was achieved under excellent stewardship in regards to budget, and delivered in just under 18 months. Congratulations to all involved in the construction of this state of the art facility serving the northern suburbs of Canberra.