Quantitative Respirator Fit Testing at Calvary Bruce Private Hospital

About Respirator Fit Testing

Fit test: a validated method of matching Respiratory protective equipment (RPE) to an individual. There are two methods of facial fit test – qualitative and quantitative:

  • A qualitative fit test is fast and simple but can be influenced by the wearer. It relies on the wearer’s senses to determine if there is a gap in the seal of the respirator to the wearer’s face. A test agent such as saccharin or Bitrex™ (a bitter tasting substance) is used at a sensitivity level that demonstrates the user will be able to appropriately sense the presence of the test agent within the respirator by taste, smell or the urge to cough.
  • A quantitative fit test requires the use of specialized particle counting equipment (such as a PortaCount™ or a AccuFit™ Fit Testing device) to provide quantitative, or numerical, measurements of the amount of face seal leakage present when a given respirator is donned by a particular user.
  • PortaCount™: A PortaCount™ machine is a device used for fit testing and measures particles inside and outside the respirator in order to calculate a fit factor.
  • P2/N95 Respirator: a medical device designed to protect the wearer from infectious aerosols generated directly from the patient/client/resident or created during aerosol-generating procedures e.g., bronchoscopy. The respirators generally used in healthcare settings are able to filter out approximately 94% of particles <5 microns in size and are known in Australia as P2 respirators (approximately equivalent to N95 in USA or FFP2 in the UK)


Our service

Our respirator fit testing service is conducted on-site by a competent fit test operator. We use the new OSHA Fast Fit Testing Protocol for a more efficient fit test that is faster and minimizes downtime and currently only conduct fit testing for disposable respirators (P2, N95, K95, FFP2/P2 respirators).


Our fees and charges

  • Individuals with their own P2/N95 respirator- $150+ GST per person per respirator
  • Group Appointments: 8 Appointments per day. $200 + GST per person per respirator



Email: CBPH-IPC-StaffHealth@calvarycare.org.au
Call: 02 6245 3117 (Mon-Fri from 8:30am-3:00pm)