Calvary North Adelaide elevating care for breast cancer patients

Amanda Quince considers herself a walking advert for getting your routine mammogram.

Feeling healthy with no lumps or recent changes to her breasts, Amanda’s decision to get her regular two-yearly mammogram proved lifesaving for the Adelaide mum.

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Amanda’s Story

“I really didn’t think that anything would come from it. I had the mammogram, put it out of my mind and about three weeks later I got a call from BreastScreen SA asking me to come in for further consultation,”she said.

Amanda had another screening mammogram and a biopsy. A week later her doctor told her they had discovered a number of tumours in her breast.

“When we found out they were malignant that was when we started to become concerned,” Amanda said.

Amanda immediately booked an appointment with the public health system to find out next steps. To be on the safe side, Amanda also reached out to Calvary.

“Once I had a bit more information about my private health insurance, I contacted Calvary and I was booked in for an appointment and scan quite quickly with the Calvary North Adelaide Hospital Breast and Endocrine Centre,” Amanda said.

“On the Friday I was making phone calls, and by Wednesday I was seeing Dr Bev Fosh at Calvary.”

Amanda underwent a partial mastectomy at Calvary North Adelaide Hospital.

“It is never a nice experience having surgery but everything just went according to plan and I felt really cared for, validated and listened to,” Amanda said.

“I finished my radiation three weeks ago and was recently given the all clear.”

Calvary North Adelaide General Manger, Toni-Ann Miller, said the hospital’s Breast and Endocrine Service provides support and care throughout the patient’s entire breast cancer journey.

“There’s a specialised team that includes diagnostics, surgical, oncology and experienced breast care nurses, who are on hand to ensure all of our patients’ healthcare needs are met,” Ms Miller said.

“Making sure the patient feels supported and informed each step of the way is so important to our team. Even after a patient leaves our doors, we stay in touch to make sure they’re getting the follow-up care they need.”

Amanda agreed, adding she developed a strong feeling of trust with the staff at the Calvary North Adelaide Hospital Breast and Endocrine Service.

“Calvary were professional, very warm and caring. They took away all my anxieties by giving me lots of answers along the way. Each step was set out for me, so each appointment I had I would find out a little bit more and everything ran like clockwork.

“If the staff at Calvary said they would do something, it would happen. I felt so supported.”

Her advice to anyone recently diagnosed with breast cancer is to “surround yourself with friends and family and listen to your doctor”.

Calvary offers the Breast and Endocrine Service at Calvary North Adelaide Hospital and Calvary Central Districts Hospital.

To book an appointment call (08) 8282 5300 or speak to your GP.