A game of spin the bottle lands 60 years of a perfect marriage

Rob West first laid eyes on Glenyce at 16 years of age, although he never thought she would go out with him. Luck intervened during a game of spin the bottle.

“We were at a party and the bottle was spun and it landed on Glenyce, so I took her outside and we had a pash,” Rob said.

Fortunately for Rob, the feelings were mutual.

“I thought Rob was just gorgeous when I met him,” Glenyce said.

The loving couple recently celebrated their 60th Wedding Anniversary at Calvary’s Flora McDonald residential aged care home with staff throwing a surprise party. Pattie Tucker, Calvary’s Client Relationship Officer, said the love between Rob and Glenyce was inspirational.

“To be married that many years and be childhood sweethearts is just beautiful. We had to do something special to celebrate their Diamond Anniversary,” Pattie said.

Rob recalled he and Glenyce were sitting in their room when Pattie came in and asked to see them in the dining room.

“She had all the tables set up for us with glasses of wine, candles and flowers. I didn’t even know the staff knew it was our anniversary. It was really lovely,” Rob said.

Calvary’s Flora McDonald has been home to the pair for six months, and the transition into aged care made easier by beginning their new chapter together.

The couple has rooms right next to each other. They share meals, spend their days together and enjoy meeting new people.

“When we made the decision to go into aged care, it was so important we got to stay together.”

“It is a lovely place and we couldn’t asked for anything better. The staff here are very obliging. When you walk around it is always ‘G’day Rob, G’day Glenyce’,” Rob said.

“The people here are just so friendly,” Glenyce added.

And their secret to a happy marriage: “We just love each other,” Rob said.