Sarah & Anise’s Story

What’s it like to work at Calvary?

Sarah arrived from the UK and started working at Calvary straight away. She felt instantly supported by the staff of Calvary and says that they are not just work colleagues but friends as well. Anise loves working with those around her and feels uplifted by her job. Watch their stories here.

AniseAnise – Cook

“I get along very well with my colleagues. It’s like a friend relationship and we get along very well with each other.

“We work as a team here and we cater to the needs of our residents.”

Sarah LeverSarah Lever – Registered Nurse

“I started working at Calvary 2 ½ years ago after moving to Australia from the UK.  I moved over with my husband but apart from him, had no other friends or family in Australia.

“I met people at Calvary that soon became friends, I even got given some cups and bowls that were greatly needs as I came over with just a suitcase of clothes.

“Calvary is a supportive place of people and now I’m settled, I still work here because of my colleagues, many of which I am proud to call friends.  I feel I will continue to enjoy working at Calvary well into the future.”