How Calvary makes a difference

What’s it like to work at Calvary?

Calvary provides staff with the tools and skills better their work environment. This enables the staff to excel in their roles – enabling them to provide emotional and spiritual support to the residents. Watch our video to see how Calvary makes a difference in their working environment and the residents lives.

Calvary Admin Officer Amy Seabrook

Amy Seabrook – Admin Officer

“My name is Amy and I currently work within the Calvary Community Health Team as an Administration Officer.

“I have been working in this role for 12 months and feel very privileged to be able to work for an organisation that makes such a difference to the lives of people and the community within the St George area.

“Calvary empowers people (and their families) within the local community by providing support in their home and at the Hospital.

“Being part of a team of people who genuinely care about each person and take pride in their job makes for a very special place to work.

“My previous work as a Community Volunteer in the palliative care area, gave me the opportunity to experience first-hand the caring, supportive team that is Calvary Health Care Kogarah.

“Under the guidance and direction of the Volunteer Co-ordinator (Anne-Marie Traynor) I was able to assist patients within the hospital and also within their homes. This was an incredible opportunity to assist people within the local community whilst representing the Calvary Team.

“Witnessing the commitment and dedication of the staff at Calvary, and being able to work in a caring and supportive environment has made the transition from volunteer to employee a very positive experience.”

CarmenCarman Sanchez – Palliative Care Nurse

“Being a palliative care nurse and working in the ‘death house on the hill’, I have been asked many times how do I stay smiling and positive all the time.

“Spending everyday with people and their families who are in their countdown is not for everyone but the situation itself surely generates the most caring and empathy from every walk of life.

“I am still overwhelmed by the enormous sense of privilege and satisfaction from the interactions I have had with the individuals and their families.

“I would not have the sense of contentment if I was not working with such a wonderful team in Calvary where all my colleagues work with the same ethics and deliver the highest standard together.  It seems no matter how complex the case, this team always finds a way to deliver the best possible care and support each other along the way.

“There are also many occasions where my odd skills and my peculiar ideas are supported by the team and by Management, even after knowing that it means lots of extra workload to themselves! Looking back at my time in Calvary Kogarah, I have achieved so much more than I ever expected and many more goals within my reach. Currently, I am taking my time in building up my experience and my competency little by little, day by day and for Calvary, I think it is just something they do to all staff every day.”

Calvary Pastoral Care Worker - Elizabeth WheelerElizabeth Wheeler – Pastoral Care Worker

“I commenced working at Calvary Ryde as a Pastoral Care Worker 8 years ago. However in 1972 to 1975 I completed my general nursing training at Lewisham Hospital, so I was familiar with the spirit of Calvary when I commenced working at Ryde. As a trainee nurse respect and dignity for the patient was entrenched in our minds.

“I have enjoyed my work as a pastoral carer giving spiritual and emotional support to the residents, their families and the staff. I feel privileged to be able to meet and be part of the residents’ lives especially at times of crisis and during their last days before entering into eternal life.

“The highlight of my work is when I walk into a dementia secured unit and residents welcome me with a knowing smile, even though they can’t remember events that occurred moments beforehand.”

Helen Regan - Care Service EmployeeHelen Regan – Care Service Employee

“I have worked in the Calvary Ryde community for over 10 years and have enjoyed my time here. I have found in my nursing career that smaller places suit me because they are more intimate, and Calvary is a friendly place to work.

“I know everyone’s name and everyone says hello.

“Sometimes the world is challenging but here we work together as a team, which makes work fulfilling and satisfying.

“I have received several awards while working here and feel secure having been here for as long as I have. I look forward to spending the remainder of my working life here and respect the responsibilities of my role as a nurse caring for the residents with fellow colleagues.”

Janet Lee - RNJanet Lee – Registered Nurse

“My name is Jeong (Janet) Lee. I started work in Calvary in 2010 as a RN.

“I started working one day a week in pain management. Now I am doing 3 full days per week.

“Pain management means massaging the Residents, which helps ease their pain.

“I’ve found that most residents who receive pain management massage enjoy a wonderful life – both mentally and physically.

“My job makes me very happy.”

Deputy Director of Care - Simon MbuguaSimon Mbugua – Deputy Director of Care

“I started work in Calvary in September 2013. The first thing that impressed me then and which still impresses me today is the commitment and dedication with which staff look after residents in both Mary Potter and Marian Retirement Community. The staff in this retirement community are truly dedicated to what they do and it’s an honor for me to work here. I am amazed at the speed with which staff carry out the tasks assigned to them. I remember a period when we had 12 pressure injuries. We put strategies in place and 10 out of the 12 were completely healed in just two weeks. I call that dedication.

“My working environment is more important than the dollars I get and it’s this working environment that has made me stick around for two years now. I feel there’s a mutual respect between staff and myself and I call this harmony in the workplace. This is also felt in the way staff interact with each other especially with RNs and Care staff.

“I feel staff understand that whatever they’ve been asked to do is for the sake of residents and hence they do it willingly.

“I especially admire the way the staff have become efficient in using the ICARE documentation system and ICARE medication. Some changes are hard to implement but this has not been the case with ICARE. The smooth implementation shows the maturity and engagement of the staff.

“And finally, the volunteers who work at Calvary Ryde are to be admired for the way they carry out their tasks. Even though they are not paid for their work, they are as dedicated and committed as other staff.”