Career progression

What’s it like to work at Calvary?

Calvary values everyone who works within the organisation. Happy staff make happy residents. Many of the employees over their years working at Calvary have undertaken courses, and have been provided with assistance to help enhance their careers.  Watch here as they talk about the benefit of working at Calvary.

Gary HancockGary Hancock – Gardener

Gary spent his 21st birthday at Calvary and he is still here for his 60th.

He started as a nurse in the 70’s when male nurses were a rare sight.

After 12 years of nursing, Gary took on the role of driver and assistant gardener. Supported by Calvary, he completed four years of horticultural study and now also manages the hydrotherapy pool.

Gary is often seen lending an ear or a hand to patients and their families in the beautiful gardens of Calvary, a place Gary calls home.


Jennifer O'HearnJennifer O’Hearn – Clinical Information Manager

“I have worked here at Calvary Kogarah for eight years. I originally came here as an Admin temp to do an eight week stint as a ward clerks, I now manage the Clinical Information / Medical Records Department. A long term career here at Calvary was not something I had envisaged as I was not from a health care background. The Managers here obviously saw something in me I didn’t and offered me other casual admin positions over a period of about 18 months and then encouraged me to apply for the role I currently have.

“There are three parts to the story of why Calvary is a good place to work for me.

“Calvary has been an amazing place for me to work and has helped in my personal growth in more ways than anyone would ever know, just because of the environment that it is.

“Being in an environment where loss, grief and healing is just part of what we do every day has enable me to have conversations that ten years ago I would never have dreamed of having.

“During my eight years at hare at Kogarah, Calvary has assisted me in developing my career through training, education and the ability to learn from those around me who have so much to offer. I have completed a Cert IV in Health Admin, Diploma in Management, Medical Terminology and Coding Course, Effective Leadership as well as many one day education sessions, with the Effective Leadership Course having the most impact. The reflective practices of the course taught me to look at how I currently do things and how I could do them better. It also taught me the difference between managing and leading, which I have found very helpful.

“The third reason I find Calvary a good place to work is the history and the community feel about the organisation. I  love that there is a rich history and all that work here know some of that history, we all know that the land was bequeathed to us, the LCM Sisters started it all, the Chapel is amazing and was designed by one of the LCM Sisters and that Calvary is just part of the community here. Everyone in the community knows someone that has benefitted from the services of Calvary.

“I only learned recently that my grandfather used to drop in here just to sit and reflect in the Chapel. He was an ambulance driver in the 1970s/80s and used to bring patients from Newcastle to St George Hospital, wait for them to have treatment and drive them back to Newcastle. While he was waiting for the patients he would come down here and just sit and have quiet time in the chapel and I can totally understand why he would have done that. I find it amazing that a man from Newcastle would have a connection to this place and years later I would end up working here and having a similar connection.

“I have been fortunate to build some great friendships and relationships with colleagues here at Calvary with some of these people becoming coaches and mentors for me as I have grown as a Manager. All people in all organisations have their ups and downs, but overall I believe Calvary is a great place to work and I am thankful to the people that gave me that opportunity eight years ago and those that have been part of the journey from then until now.”

Anna DrazevichAnna Drazevich – Catering Manager

“I had retired from BCC, when I received a phone call from Deb Booth (Manager of Calvary Retirement Bruce ACT). Deb asked if I would be interested in looking after the café they have at Calvary. This was the start of my work at Calvary.

“With the help and support of Deb and the management team I did my TAFE course, renewed my chef certificate and did my First Aid. I went on to become Manager/Chef at Calvary.

“I love what I do for the Residents and staff. I like to think I deliver a high standard of food and hygiene. I do this for the benefit of the Residents, so they can enjoy the time they spend at Calvary.

“I now have the opportunity to help with Disability. I have completed my Certificate III in Hospitality and I also have 2 chefs under my guidance. I was given the opportunity to come to Ryde. When I arrived in NSW for the first time I met with residents and staff at Ryde and have enjoyed the opportunity to work with both them and Deb. I could go on, but I must say I have enjoyed my 6 years with Calvary and cannot think of anywhere else I would rather be.”