Community Grants Applications

Previous grant recipients

The last round of grants, presented on February 24 at the Little Company Café at Calvary Lenah Valley Hospital, awarded a total of $18,750 to four community organisations.

Congratulations to the organisations awarded grants for their innovative programs:

1. Canteen – “Good Grief’ Program $5000

This is the first ‘Good Grief’ Program in Tasmania, a camp for grieving young people (12-24) to develop critically needed coping strategies. These camps also allow young people to bond and support one another in a safe and caring environment.

2. Southern Cross Care -“Music Therapy for Aged and Palliative Care”$3720

Music Therapy is the clinical and evidence-based use of music interventions to accomplish individualized goals within a therapeutic relationship. Calvary’s Community Grant is funding pilot research into the benefits for people in palliative care. The pilot will provide a selection of music for palliative care patients, performed by a professional music therapist harpist.

3. The Shepherd Centre – “Deaf Children Workshop” $5000

A previously unmet need in Tasmania is the provision of early intervention to assist deaf children and their families. This Calvary Community Grant allows children and their families to attend an intensive five day course to learn a range of skills, including speech, and participate in a variety of workshops.

4. Pathways Tasmania – “Making a Home for Young Men” $5000

Providing a comfortable shelter is an important step in assisting the recovery of young homeless men, many of whom have had incredibly challenging lives and often have mental health issues. This Calvary Community Grant is funding the refurbishment of a home for homeless males aged 13-22 in Hobart.


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