Emergency Department

For medical emergencies, please call 000 for Ambulance assistance.

Independently owned and operated in partnership with Calvary Adelaide Hospital, our private Emergency Department is open for Medical Emergencies 24 hours seven days a week, including all public holidays.

Medical Emergencies are situations that you believe may be life threatening, or are causing you pain or some other form of anxiety. We appreciate that medical problems and unexpected events occur anytime and it may not be possible for you to access your usual care and treatment.

Anyone experiencing any of the following symptoms should attend the Emergency Department immediately:

  • Breathing difficulty
  • Chest pain
  • Major injury
  • Sudden collapse
  • Sporting injury
  • Uncontrollable bleeding

In the event of an emergency, accident, injury illness, the Emergency Department can provide immediate care and treatment. It is the only private emergency department in Adelaide that is open 24 hours a day and is staffed with specialist doctors and nurses who have access to the latest in medical equipment. These specialists include:

  • Dr Sharad Pandit – Director of Emergency Medicine
  • Dr Jarrod Koh – Emergency Medicine FACEM
  • Dr Mohines Pala – Emergency Medicine FACEM
  • Dr Alison Kent – Emergency Medicine FACEM

These specialists work alongside a team of  Emergency Medicine Career Medical Officers (CMOs) with extensive years of emergency medicine experience.

Any patient attending the Emergency Department has full access and referral to a team of medical and surgical specialists plus the full range of specialised services offered by Calvary Adelaide Hospital.

Please note:

Depending on the severity of your medical emergency you may have to wait for treatment.

Charges apply. Please check with your private health insurer to confirm your level of cover.

You will have to make an upfront cash or EFTPOS payment to cover the cost of your emergency visit. If you require admission, a Calvary Adelaide Hospital staff member can provide various options for inpatient care and can refer you to the most appropriate Specialists.

Please try to bring the following with you:

  • A list of your medications and doses
  • Your doctor’s details
  • Your Medicare card
  • Your health fund details (if you have private insurance)
  • Your passport (if you are not an Australian citizen)

  • A triage nurse will assess your condition and the urgency of your treatment. Patients with the most urgent conditions will be treated first.
  • Clerical staff will confirm your contact details, Medicare and private health insurance information
  • A record detailing your visit and management plan will be forwarded to your GP (with your consent).
  • Ensure you fully understand the treatment you’ve had, and know when to take any prescribed medication.
  • Confirm if/when you need to see the doctors again.
  • Ask about your medical certificate (if you need one).
  • Take any x-rays and films with you.


Referral not required

Calvary Adelaide Hospital Emergency Department, 120 Angas Street, Adelaide, SA, 5000