Nadia Ventura

Today the world at large, looks at medical workers as an inspiration. What inspired you to take up this noble profession?

Nursing is a privilege. I chose this career knowing you can bring comfort, care and compassion to patient’s at the most vulnerable times in their lives. It brings great satisfaction. The best gift is knowing you have made a difference at every stage in their patient journey.


Nursing and midwifery is a selfless job, working long and odd hours. How do you balance work and family? How do you de-stress?

Work life balance and wellbeing is an integral part of nursing. It is so important to de-stress, especially when you are faced with the most challenging of situations.

I spend my time socialising with friends, eating good food, exercising in the great outdoors and shopping. (People who know me might say a little too much!)

Rostering around work and family gives me the opportunity to ensure I remain connected with life and family, especially when it’s a special occasion.

When I have finished for the day, I reflect on the positive parts of the day and knowing I have done the best I can. I also debrief with nursing friends that have an understanding of nursing challenges.


Given the current situation with COVID-19, do you have any stories of ingenuity, support, compassion and kindness?

The current situation has been a challenge and huge change for all involved. One of our surgical units has closed due to lower activity. This required the staff from both surgical wards to join and work together in one ward. They have really come together as one unit, to share knowledge and skill, learn from each other, and enhance patient centred care, as this is our primary focus. It has been a positive experience for our patients during the ever evolving situation, and this has been evidenced in our patient feedback being consistently positive during this time.

One example of a positive experience, is that, at Easter, we had a patient that was a baker who worked at Villis. This patient wanted to show his appreciation for the care he was receiving and donated 150 individually wrapped hot cross buns to the staff, which the staff loved and lifted morale on the ward.

They felt truly appreciated and a great example of true kindness, as well as patient gratitude.


What is your advice to the younger generation who would like to pursue a career in nursing/midwifery?

Set yourself a solid foundation. Be open minded. Remember, everyone has a story.

Every obstacle is a stepping stone, and a learning opportunity.

Nursing is a privilege, as you are with people at their most vulnerable. Having the ability to advocate for your patients at all times is essential.

Nursing can open many doors to different specialty areas, take your time to find your passion.